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1 What is the relationship between Centre for Banking Studies (CBS) and Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL)?
Centre for Banking Studies is one of the departments serves as the training arm of   the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. CBS provides training and development solutions for financial sector professionals in Sri Lanka including CBSL as well as other Central Banks and financial institutions in the region.
2 What types of programmes are offered by CBS?

CBS offers a wide spectrum of local and international training programmes covering the area of Banking and Finance as well as other technical and non-technical areas such as Information Technology, General Management, Rural sector Development and Microfinancing, Accounting/Financial Management, Human Resources Management and Language and Communication Skills. In addition, special tailor made programmes are conducted at the request of financial institutions and the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

CBS also conducts public lectures and evening presentations on various topics of current interest, to upgrade the public awareness and to provide them a forum for sharing their views & knowledge. Knowledge sharing programmes are conducted with a view to share and enhance the knowledge among the students, teachers and university lecturers.

3 What is the duration of CBS programmes?
The average duration of a programme varies between 1-3 days and it goes even up to 5 – 14 days for the international programmes and certain local programmes. The duration of special programmes and International seminars are fixed according to the requirements of the institutions and depending on the course contents.
4 Who are the resource persons of CBS?
5 In which medium CBS offer programmes?
CBS programmes are generally conducted in all three languages (Sinhala, Tamil and English) with more orientation   towards English language as an international training centre. Medium of instructions can be determined according to the specific needs of our stake holders.
6 What are the certificate programmes?
Certificate programmes are medium to long term training programmes, designed with a view to provide a wide range of knowledge with respect to specific subject areas. At the end of the programme, participants are expected to sit for an exam which may be a written, verbal or practical test to acquire the certificate. In addition, CBS conducts long term diploma programmes. Both certificate and diploma programmes are certified by the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC).
7 Who can be the participants for CBS training programmes?

Officers of the financial as well as non financial sector institutions will be able to apply through their respective institutions.

In addition, any individual who wishes to participate can apply individually. But the registration is subject to the payment of course fee.
8 What is the range of course fee charged by CBS?
At the moment CBS course fees for regular programmes are ranging from Rs. 3,500.00 – 5,000.00 per day including meals, refreshments and course materials. The course fees are determined according to the duration, cost of the resource persons etc. Course fees for international programmes also decided depending on the duration, cost of resource persons and usually the fee is higher than the local programmes. Local participants can also participate in international programmes to share their knowledge and experience with international participants and resource persons.
9 Can we get discounts on course fee?
Yes. Any institution can make a request for discounts, if there are five or more participants from that institution for a single programme. Discounts are offered only on requests.
10 Can we request tailor made programmes for specific institutions?
Yes. Any institution can request for tailor made programmes by sending us the particular need of the training and CBS can accommodate such request easily.
11 What are the facilities available at CBS?

As an international training centre, CBS possesses wide range of facilities. The lecture halls, computer laboratories and the auditorium have been upgraded to international standards with the state of the art technology.

12 Are accommodation or residential facilities available for participants?
13 What are the rates for lecture hall reservations?
  The rates are based on the capacity and the facilities available in the lecture rooms.
14 Can I serve as a resource person at CBS?
Yes. Qualified and experienced person, who wishes to become a resource person of CBS, should make a request submitting a CV including academic/professional qualifications and experience. After an interview CBS may consider in obtaining his/her service depending on the suitability
15 Can CBS programmes be conducted out side from Colombo?
Yes. According to any special request of an institution, CBS will be able to conduct outstation programmes. You may call the programme division ( 94 11 2477854)
16 What is the easiest way to obtaining CBS information?
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